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Flower Knows Unicorn 2.0 Glistening Gloss

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Unicorn Glistening Gloss 花知晓独角兽水光唇釉 2.0

小宝石Classic Red – This colour is like plasma ruby ​​red, crystal clear like a deep red gemstone, apply double layer to gets retro and dark feelings, is a colour suitable for the red carpet.


小树莓Raspberry – The rich red wine bayberry colour is darker and purple compare to the cranberry colour, exactly looks like the colour of ripe cherries. It helps you to look fair, apply with a thick coating and spread your aura.


小红豆Red Beans – This is the red bean paste milk tea colour that showed in Japanese Magazine, apply thin coating is reddish milk tea colour, apply thick coating for a stronger red-brown feeling, giving you a sense of gentle and temperament. Suitable for all skin tone, even can put it on without make up to bring complexion to your look.


小白桃White Peach – This white peach colour suitable for girls in summer, gives you natural, soft and tender looks. If you are someone who dare not to apply the original red colour, then this lip gloss is very suitable for you


小甜椒Bell Pepper – This bright tomato sauce colour, looks like a plate of spicy crayfish, it will remain it red colour tone after apply. Suitable to use during summer and for yellow dark shin tone.


小方糖Sugar Cube – Inspired from the colour of red clay stove, gives you a European and American make up style. The earthy brown tones as main, are mixed with red tones, just like a cup of rich chocolate coffee latte, an unique colour for every cool girl.


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