Flower Knows Unicorn 2.0 Five-color Eyeshadow

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Unicorn Five-color Eyeshadow 花知晓独角兽五色眼影 2.0

冰封南国 Frozen Southland – The base colour of pink brown (like lotus root) and low saturation of purple (like taro), match with delicate snow silver purple polarized sequins, create a fairy-filled lavender coloured eye makeup for you. And use the unique blue purple glitter large sequins to surprise everyone.


月亮酒馆Moon Bar – The wine-red colour is in unique matte form, brings you deep colour effect, and easy to apply with both fingers or brush. This eye shadow palette is pair with champagne silver and golden brown sparkling pearls to create a rich and gorgeous eye makeup. For daily make up look, use matte cinnamon as base, matte dark coffee for deepening, will brings unique layers to your eye make up.


吟游诗人The Wandering Peet – A summery colour scheme inspired by honey syrup, four matte based colours are matched with a bright colour, so you don’t need to think about colour matching. Use mango yellow and honey yellow, together with finely crushed powder gold polarized sequins, brings you a look as bright as sunset, creating a gradual summer juice beauty makeup look for you.


珍妮玫瑰 Jenny Rose –The mellow camellia rose colour matching can draw a cool and smoky rose eye style makeup, or can create a girly pink rose eye makeup. It comes with two fine shimmering flakes for embellishment as finishing touch, brings a sparkling effect to your eyes.


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