Flower Knows Unicorn 1.0 Blusher

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Unicorn Blusher 独角兽浮雕腮红 1.0

桃子小姐Peach – Inspired from Momo-kin musume, single use will bring super tender, creamy apricots and peachy feels, just like the natural good complexion of your skin.


寻找玫瑰Pursuit Of Rose – Graceful smoke powder rose collocation with colour of red bean tone, sweet and lusty when you apply second layer, suitable for dark yellow skin tone too.


午后拿铁The Afternoon Latte – Warm brown milk tea colour tone, when lightly coated with your make up, it gives you a soft waxy feeling of milk, brings you Japanese style gentleness to your look.


日光倾城Alluring Daylight – This sweet peach foundation colour with golden polarized light, just like sun shine splashing on your face. Suitable to be used as a highlighter and eyeshadow for special occasion for a stunning make up look.


小步舞曲Minuet – This is a piece of pink cream cake, give you a baby’s cheek look, with a lovely hazy feels.


蓝莓之夜Blueberry Night– Lavender purple colour is belonging to spring and summer. Low saturation gives you a fair, young and girlish look.


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