Flower Knows Little Angel’s Lip Gloss – White Angel

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Little Angel’s Lip Gloss – White Angel
小天使羽毛唇釉 –白天使

Covenant Angel号角天使(W01) – Milk tea colour that suitable for daily use. Soft and tender oranges tone create a gentle age-reducing makeup, suitable for girls’ light lips colour.


Horned Angel 契约天使(W02)  – Low-saturated red bean paste colour, with brown coffee colour tone like a small chestnut. Apply thin layer for daily make up look, and get a cool look by apply double layer.  Suitable for all types of make up and for yellow skin girl.


Saviour Angel救赎天使(W03) – Colour of dry rose and red bean paste, mixed with subtle earth tones and purple tones, suitable for every elegant girl.


King’s Angel王座天使(W04)  – Dark wine-red colour, apply thin coating will gives you rose-toned cherry red, apply thick coating will brings you intense burgundy and purple tone, transform you into a queen.


Tribunal Angel 审判天使(W05)  – Low-saturated European and American Earth brown colour, with a mixture of red tone, like a cup of hot chocolate. Gives you calm and glamorous aura with thick coating.


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