Flower Knows Little Angel’s Lip Gloss – Black Angel

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Little Angel’s Lip Gloss – Black Angel
小天使羽毛唇釉 –黑天使

Rebel Angel叛逆天使(B01) – Classic tomato colour tone, the MVP colour for yellow skin girl. Mixture of red and orange colour tone make you look fair and gentle.


Liberty Angel自由天使(B02) – You are Snow White with this apple red lip gloss. Apply thin coating will gives you watery red lips, apply thick coating for classic red colour lips. It will make you look fair and young.


Dawn Angel黎明天使(B03) – Reddish brown with a strong retro colour, mixed with a little orange-brown tone, makes your skin look fair, suitable for all skin types and for autumn and winter.


Moonlight Angel月光天使(B04) – Let everyone notice you in the crowd. This blue-toned red lip gloss can enhance your aura. Apply thin coating to get rose-tone dragon fruit colour, apply thick coating for richer red colour. Makes your skin look fair and brings you queen’s aura.


Twin Angel双生天使(B05) – This dirty orange tone is suitable to use during autumn and winter. Just like the caramel pudding in the tea party, suitable for European and American style makeup. Makes you look ‘handsome’ and ‘stylish’. Makes you skin look fair and suitable for all skin types.


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