Flower Knows Little Angel’s Embossed Highlighter – Black Angel

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Little Angel’s Embossed Highlighter- Black Angel
小天使浮雕高光 – 黑天使

Revelation启示录 – Ginger white colour shades, suitable for yellow skin, fine texture sequins bring 3D and brightening effect, gives you effect of natural good-looking skin.


Paradise Lost失乐园 – This versatile, dense and fine powder-silver champagne colour, easily brighten the skin on the face and gives you natural appearance of radiant skin. Suitable for daily use.


Love & Death爱与死 – Peach pink with purple colour, give you versatile and dense touch on your face. It will give you different colours shades in different angles. Suitable to use on top of blush and gives you a unique make up look


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