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Flower Knows Unicorn 1.0 Glistening Gloss

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Unicorn Glistening Gloss 花知晓独角兽水光唇釉 1.0

小奶罐 Little Iced Tea– Origin colour of coffee milk tea, gentle and low-key. Suitable for office wear or school wear, even can put it on without make up.


小桃茶 Little Peach Tea – The colour looks like peach smoothie, match with watery and juicy texture, makes you look younger, suitable for dark skin tone too.


小冰茶 Maple Red – Red-brown colour, the orange and red tones are perfectly blended, results in neon colour that brings back 80’s retro Hong Kong style; suitable for dark skin tone too.


小玫瑰 Little Rose– Red bean paste tone match with rose tone, apply it on your lips gives you more complexion, makes you looks more gentle and intellectual. This is a colour that match with all types of make up.


小红莓 Little Cranberry – Inspired from the colour of pomegranate juice, purple berries colour comes with watery texture; your lips look like just finish a cup of pomegranate juice, suitable to girlish or boyish style and makes you look fair.


<小蜜糖 Little Honey – Inspired by colour of roasted persimmons, the main base of red mixed with colours of red tea and pumpkin, and it blends well with the orange-brown tones. Suitable for dark tone skin and lips.


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