Flower Knows Unicorn 1.0 Five-color Eyeshadow

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Unicorn Five-color Eyeshadow 花知晓独角兽五色眼影 1.0

怦然心动 Fluttering Heart – This pink-orange colour plate suitable for spring and summer, it comes with matte texture that easy to blend, comes with finishing touch of orange gold, gives you a charming deer eye effect. Soft and light colour tone gives your eyes a natural look.


琥珀黄昏 Amber Sunset- A rich earthy orange colour matching suitable for yellow skin tone, matte pumpkin colour gives your eye makeup a sense of autumn maple feels, finish the touch with golden brown colour glitter, suitable to use in daily to comes out with your own style.


戏梦巴黎 Dreamy Paris – Classic warm brown colour tone, use grey brown as base will has a anti-swelling effect on the eyes, black tea colour matte with scheming gold glitter, both colours have watery effect and low key shiny effect. Suitable to people who new to make up, and perfect to use in daily life and special occasion.


云端恋人 Clound Sweethearts – Four colourful matte macaron colours, with soft waxy and silky texture, even the light colours blend with your make up perfectly. The palette is specially matched green glitters with unique baking powder texture, it brings a romantic sense like stars dancing on your eyes, create a dreamy spring and summer makeup. This colour palette is suitable for pale skin.


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