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Welcome To The Flower Knows

Founded in 2016, Flower Knows is a cosmetic brand that targets generation Y and Z with feminine product designs and packaging. The core value of Flower Knows is to use crossover concept in product design, and to make everyone’s fantasy dream come true. The packaging of every series is specially designed by us and aims to excite and remind our customers of ‘the privilege of being a girl’.

2017: Established our team in Hangzhou, researched and developed our first cosmetic product line. Achieved yearly sales of RMB 3 Million.

2018: Established logistic centre at Jiangshu. Branding strategy and Internet Protocol (IP) has leveraged the brand to a new level and a yearly sales of RMB 8 million was achieved.

2019: We started to develop themed make up lines, and continued the IP strategy in marketing, and achieved yearly sales of RMB 24 million.

2020: Expanded business into South East Asia, Malaysia being the first destination. Product was supplied to Malaysia in December and is highly anticipated by the younger generation at large.